Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Google Docs

Reflect on what the strengths and weaknesses of using Google Docs are.

The strengths of using Google Docs are that it is convenient and easily accessible to someone who has a computer or laptop with Internet access. In addition, it allows for sharing of documents without having to attach them onto e-mails and get confused which document has the corrections. Furthermore, Google Docs allows people to collaborate and share the documents they make. For example, if a teacher needed to set up a meeting and talk about the agenda, the document can be sent using Google Docs and other teachers can easily make comments back and forth to each other; saving the original document which can also be viewed. Users to not have to worry about if the document is compatible to the person they are sending it to.

The weaknesses of using Google Docs is that users must have a Gmail account to use google docs. "The greatest concern about Google Apps and similar services is the loss of control. Because access rights are shared across the service, users rely--to some extent--on how carefully others protect their login credentials (www.educause.edu/eli)."

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