Sunday, March 21, 2010

Copyright and Fair Use

What is fair use and how does it apply to education?

Fair use as explained in the video by Eric Faden entitled "Fair(Y) Use Tale: a Short Film" includes:
-borrowing a small amount to teach, news reporting, parody, and critical commenting
-there are certain rules that demonstrate fair use which include:
-the nature of the borrowed work
-the amount of the borrowed work
-has to be something that does not change the original works value on the market place

Fair use as applied to education means that teachers or even faculty and staff need to be careful of how and what the give and present students.
"Teachers and students can use copyrighted material legally without the author's permission if it falls under fair use in education"(Langran 25). (From the article Copyright law and technology)
Factors that are included in fair use are included above.
An example that was given by Kate A. Thompson from the article entitled, "Copyright 101" is if a "teacher wishes to make a copy of an article from a magazine to use in next year's lesson planning" (Thompson 12). This is considered fair use because the article is for the teacher's personal use and reference.
Another example given by Kate Thompson in the article is: "A teacher copies one article from a journal for class distribution. Distribution of multiple copies for classroom use is a fair use, and the amount of work that the article represents as part of the whole journal allows for fair use" (Thompson 12).


  1. I like how when stating what "fair use" was, you put quotes and cited the aricle or the video that was provided. Good execution of "fair use" in you blog response!

  2. Good. When it comes to education, people want to receive credit for their work. And when teachers use other people's work, it really is easy to credit people.

  3. I agree that it doesn't take much effort to credit sources. In some instances I think that a good rule of thumb to avoid infringing on copyright would simply be when in doubt, cite it anyway.