Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Technology Integration Matrix with the LINK!

Collaborative Learning/Adoption Level

From the NETS for Teachers:
2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
a. design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity.

The teacher explains to the students how to create and use e-mail using gaggle.net, which is safe and does not have anything harmful for children. It not only teaches students about e-mail but about letter writing, for example how to address another student or a teacher, which leads to helping them practice their writing skills. In addition, they learn of valuable websites to research authors and to be able to contact an author and ask questions. This opens up an opportunity to be able to communicate with other students around the world similar to having a pen pal.
This learning experience incorporates the use of a lap-top or computer and any other tools or device necessary such as headphones. Students can also use e-mail in other classes such as if they need to get in touch with a classmate. This lesson promotes student learning and creativity because once they learn the basics of e-mail they will have a wider range of things they can do. For example, once they learn about including an attachment to an e-mail they can send pictures or other documents back and forth to people which will prepare them to work in a group using collaborative tools outside of the classroom.

I think my level of technology integration is now in adaptation. You provide the available resources for us to learn how to use the technology, now its just a matter of physically doing it and trying it out for myself. My comfort level based on the skills I have learned thus far is somewhat more confident than what I started with in the beginning of the semester. I never thought I would be able to create a website all myself. I have learned of a better way to bookmark websites that I visit that I find useful through the delicious account we made. I also did not see myself including audio in a slide presentation because I have never done that before. But, now I can say that I have accomplished all these things by reading, research, and with the help of tutorials. I eventually, want to try and create a podcast just to test it out because I may decided to use it for my classroom one day. I still have some fears and anxieties towards technology because I get nervous the computer is going to freeze on me or for some odd reason just not work the way I want it to. But overall, I think this exposure to technology has helped me I would not have known about any of this material on my own.


  1. You are correct to have those fears. Computers in the classroom is WEB 1.0. What you have learned in this course is WEB 2.0 - technology students can use outside of the classroom - just like you have been doing.

  2. In my browsing I wish I had stumbled upon this learning activity, because I think it can be easily applied in world language classrooms, where communication is such a huge focus. I'm glad you could bring it to my attention.

    Like you, I feel that I am at the adaptation level as well. I share your same fears that things may go wrong because I would not know how to address the problem if they did. You are not alone!