Monday, January 25, 2010

Technology Background/ Course Expectations

Respond by describing your technology background and feelings about technology. In addition, describe what your expectations for this course are.

I try to keep up with technology as it is continuously changing every day. Once I learn something new, a few weeks later it seems to be outdated already. I am not very technology savvy to begin with, but I feel that technology will benefit me in my profession as a teacher to network with other teachers. When I am having technological difficulties, I usually try to figure things out on my own first. Then when I start to get frustrated I have to ask someone for assistance. Growing up with technology I think has changed the way I learn in school because of the internet access that is readily available to us.

I like learning new things about technology because it can sometimes make life easier such as wanting to send someone a message right away through instant messaging or through a text message rather than waiting for a letter in the mail. However, technology can also have its downsides because the use of the internet may not always be as accurate as researching information from a book. I believe our society has become depended on technology and can effect us if there was ever a power outage.

I am glad that MSU offers this course as part of the teaching curriculum because it will help me to learn how to integrate technology into the classroom. I expect to learn how to use the different websites that we will being using for this course. I will probably e-mail classmates or Professor Bigsby if I get confused about what we have to do.

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  1. Martha,

    Welcome to the class. I hope this class meets your expectations. All the technologies I use and have you use will be examples of how you can use it in your class.
    I love your perspective and willingness to try new things.