Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teacher Webpage

First, I looked into my town's school website; I was unable to find a teacher webpage from amongst all the schools in my town. So I continued searching and I found it difficult to find a teacher webpage. Finally, I came across one in the District Factor Group F, which Professor Bigsby mentioned is the more affluent schools. The District I chose was Ridgewood Public Schools. The school chose to use to find a teacher webpage was Benjamin Franklin Middle School.
The teacher webpage that I chose was from a math teacher. I think that the webpage is effective in communicating with students because on the right side there is a column entitled "Class Link" that allows the student to visit different sites to further practice their math skills in a fun way. The webpage also has the homework assignments just in case a student is absent from school or forgot to write down the homework, they can just check on the teacher webpage. I also thought that the "Class Files" are beneficial to students because it has the vocabulary for students to refer back to when doing their homework. Or to go back to, to study for test or quiz.
In addition, the webpage is also effective in communicating with parents because under the section "Class Announcements" it talks about math enrichment courses which students may have a say in but will ultimately depend on their current progress in math to see what class they will take next. It also addresses a parent letter for parents to read and know what their child is currently learning and what they will be learning.

Checkout the teacher webpage


  1. There are website providers that tailor websites for schools. School Fusion and Schoolwires are two that are available to schools. The skills that you need to create one like the one you reviewed are the same skills you are learning in this course. You are off to a great start.

  2. I liked that the webpage you viewed had a section for "class files", where the teacher posted documents from the class. This reminds me of the Blackboard application we use at MSU, which I find extremely helpful. I wish I came across this more as I looked through other teacher webpages.

  3. I agree with both Martha and Tara that the "class files" section is very helpful if a student is studying for a test or doing homework. This is like an extra study guide, where students have the information at hand and they don't have to search for it in their notes :)