Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How the standards will affect the education system

I think the district will need to provide schools with resources, materials, and necessary equipment to aid schools in fulfilling the technology standards. The schools may need to offer a class just in integrating technology similar to our class now in order for students to get a feel for how technology works and what the different uses of technology can be. This will allow students to gain valuable insight about technology teaching them critical thinking skills and on-line literacy. As a teacher, these standards will affect me in my development and pedagogy because I will need to think of ways to include technology into my lesson plans to expose my students just in case the district I am teaching in can not afford to have an additional class for integrating technology.
I can remember that when I was in elementary school I think I was in fifth grade we had computer class once a week where they taught us about the different uses of a computer and introduced us to the internet and e-mailing.
I will continue to develop by learning more about technology as it continues to change. Furthermore, by trying to keep up with the changes I will be better off in serving my students by informing them about what it going on. When I begin my job search and interview, I will keep in mind these standards. I will be looking for a district and school that will be able to provide me with what I can use to teach my students such as access to the internet and computers and perhaps textbooks. If however, I have difficulty in finding a position due to the lack of technology the school offers I will try my best by incorporating as much technology into the classroom as possible.

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  1. I completely agree that as teachers we will need to continue learning about technology, because it is a field that continues to grow and change. I think many people fail to realize that teachers, like students, are constantly learning, even after college. This is especially true when considering technoloy, as advancements and new resources are developped daily. In order to provide students with an education that prepares them to be productive members of such a technology driven society, teachers need to keep up to date with technology themselves.