Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Back to school presentation with AUDIO

This technology would be beneficial if an individual had easy access to making an audio. I had some trouble because my laptop does not have a microphone. So I recorded my audio using a friend's laptop but the audio was saved as a WMA not an mp3 format. I tried to look up some information on how to convert a WMA into an mp3 format but I was not understanding all of the terminology. Luckily, Professor Bigsby uploaded a tutorial that I was able to follow step by step.
I think I need more practice and exposure to this type of technology for me to be able to help my students. Once I understand how this technology works I think there will be some potential for using this in an art classroom.
Having this presentation will allow me to introduce myself to the parents that are unable to make it to the back to school night event. Students would also be able to view this on the teacher web page so they would know what to expect for the class. Just in case they forgot, what the class goals and objectives are.


  1. Nice visuals. I did notice that your audio does not sync up to your slides. You can adjust your audio to match your slides.

  2. I understand how you feel about the audio. My computer at home also doesn't have a microphone, and I commute to school, so it was very difficult for me to also complete the audio part of this project.

  3. Hey I liked your slieshow! Good job. I especially liked the lesson at the end, and how it required research, art, and public speaking skills all in one assignment. Through that, students have the opportunity to display different strengths in their final project.

  4. I felt like your slide show was really fitting for an Art teacher. There was good use of color and visuals. I also likes how you included a list of possible careers in the Arts. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the value of a meaningul arts education. Inluding this is a good way to reaffirm the importance of the arts and to show parents all the great things that their children will be able do with the education you provide them. Great job!