Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Task 2 on the video

I think Ken Robinson was a great speaker because he made some valid and interesting points. I especially liked his comment that "if your not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original." I think the popular saying that "you learn from your mistakes" is relevant to this because once an individual has experienced something for the first time, they are likely to think about the consequences and remember what happened. I agree with him in that "by the time children become adults, most kids have lost the capacity to be wrong, and they have become scared of being wrong." I find this true in myself, because I always find myself being anxious and worried about the outcomes that I lose sight of taking a chance. If I do not think to hard about something than I can allow myself to take the chance. After viewing this video, I think it has given me another perspective and I hope to encourage my students to discover and fulfill a passion they have. I think that if we give students that opportunity to think without having to force so much academic information into their brains, and just allowing them to use their minds creatively we may be surprised in what we can discover.
I do not know if there will be room for this is schools. But if I notice a student that I feel has potential for something, I will not let their talents go to waste. I will try my best to encourage and provide the student with what he or she needs.
I know that as a kid growing up, my parents appreciated my art works that I would make at school and bring home. I did my best academically, but I was not strong in any academic areas. Art is where I excelled and where I was able to be myself. I am very thankful and glad that my parents have supported me all these years in my interest in art.
At the current state of our economy, I think it would be something for college students to think about, to allow themselves to think creatively outside of the box and explore their interests. Since there is not a lot of job opportunities after students graduate from college and many are struggling to find jobs competing with the many people who have been laid off it would definitely be something to consider. Some individuals may think it be best if they postponed college to explore their other options. I understand that college is the key to a good job or career but there have been some successful people that did not even finish or attend college and became successful such as Walt Disney and Micheal Dell.

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