Wednesday, February 10, 2010

8.1 Educational Technology: B. Creativity and Innovation

Standard 8.1 Educational Technology: All students will use digital tools to access, manage, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to solve problems individually and collaboratively and to create and communicate knowledge.
B. Creativity and Innovation
By the end of grade 4
Content Statement: The use of digital tools and media-rich resources enhances creativity and the construction of knowledge
Cummulative Progress Indicator (CPI): Produce a media-rich digital story about a significant local event or issue based on first-person interviews.

The students are expected to know the the functions of various digital tools. For example if using Paint on the computer they should be able to recognize which tool can make a geometric shape or which tool will fill in a color. In addition, students are expected to do various tasks using media-rich resources. If a student is in a district that may be more affluent, they may have access to Mac computer in the classroom and may be able to navigate a Mac using all of its capabilities. Furthermore, they may also have access to Photoshop which has a great deal of graphic media that students can explore.

Based on the CPI, as an art teacher I will have my students first conduct an interview about a local event or issue. An example of this can be a fundraiser that occurred in the school or town or a community service event such as a park clean-up.
The necessary materials or equipment will be having a camera or a digital video camera, or Adobe Reader or iMovie and a Mac. As well as access to a computer. They will need to interview someone that attended the event then ask for pictures if they have any. Or take pictures of the person they are interviewing. Or attend the event themselves. They may need to ask for permission to take pictures or record at the event so I will have a letter ready to provide the host of the event. As part of the assignment, the students needs to include at least 3 main important points of why the event or issue occurred. In addition, there should be a title page where they will include their name, date, and class period. They will need to think about what colors they will be using as well as an appropriate font.
I will let them know as part of their project, they need to include pictures and audio. I will demonstrate and show them an example of how a finished product may look like in a power point presentation . I will also tell them to be creative and use their imagination in exploring what the possibilities can be.
Lastly, they will present their assignment in front of the class.
This standard states that this is what students should have learned by the end of fourth grade but I think it would be more appropriate for the end of sixth grade. But I could be wrong since schools nowadays are for the most part trying to include technology into the classroom. My students my be somewhat proficient in these skills already by the time I meet them.


  1. I love that you look to make it real life for your students - it gives them a purpose. Go with this and continue thinking about the skills you need to teach your students.

  2. I also agree with Professor Bigsby, that by making them photoshoot an event will give them a sense of certain jobs that are available in the real world. It can open students' eyes to see what really needs to be done to produce a final project and also see how much work it can be. By doing this project, you are not just following the standard, you are preparing your students for the job industry.